How to grow a Peanut (Groundnut) Plant

Children will love growing the unconventional peanut, or groundnut. Peanut plants are attractive, quirky and - best of all - easy to raise.  Even if they didn’t do anything offbeat, peanut plants would still be worth cultivating for their delicate little yellow flowers and penny-shaped paired leaves which close, as if in prayer, every bedtime. But it’s … Continue reading How to grow a Peanut (Groundnut) Plant

40 reasons why you should garden with your kids

  The main reason - it’s fun! It’s an ideal opportunity to spend quality time with your children They’ll love getting involved with the project you’re working on together Kids (and secretly, many adults) love getting their hands dirty! It’s a healthy, outdoorsy activity Children get a real buzz out of growing – and eating … Continue reading 40 reasons why you should garden with your kids

Sunflower Race

  Sunflower Race A medium-term project, raising sunflowers from seed is an absorbing activity for junior-school children.  As they’ll have to look after their seedling, youngsters receive an ongoing lesson in responsibility and caring.  Additionally, starting the seeds off in repurposed plastic food containers provides an opportunity to discuss sustainability and good stewardship of the earth’s resources.  … Continue reading Sunflower Race