In the Midnight Hour … Five More Fixes for Mending Broken Nights you really should try



Is your baby is a total night rebel?

Some just are.  I know.  I had one.  If so, don’t worry, and above all DON’T feel guilty.  Remember – it’s normal.  It’ll pass.  Honestly.  No, really.

And until then, here are five more survival strategies to see you through …


  • Make it Easy on Yourself   Organise everything the night before. If you have to get up, it might as well be as quick and efficient as possible. A plug-in nightlight avoids having to switch on the light and wake yourself (or worse, baby) up completely. Aim for Autopilot.


  • Be Positive   An upbeat attitude is your best ally. Unbelievable as it may seem right now, in a few years’ time you’ll be wishing back these baby days with intense nostalgia. No, really! Reframe the rebel yell. Don’t think of broken nights as a chore – instead, focus on all the extra cuddles you’re enjoying.


Woman turning off alarm clock

  • Move the Goalposts   Take a long, hard look at baby’s routine and plan around it for your benefit. If he wants a late-evening feed, might it be more restful to go to bed after that and have a solid block of sleep rather than go for an early (but disturbed) night? Who said you’ve got to keep the same hours as the rest of the world if it makes you exhausted. Think creatively. What works best for you?


  • Cheat!   Use a little psychology. “Night” is whatever you decide it is – anything between midnight and 5 am, perhaps. So she may have woken you at 5am, but that’s not really night, is it? It’s morning. Therefore she’s just slept through. Result.


  • If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em    Most mums learn to deal with night-waking offspring while semiconscious themselves. If you can – great! But if not (and there are always times when you can’t), then you can at least make it more bearable. Pamper yourself. Put out a flask of hot chocolate and that blockbuster you’ve been promising yourself. Who knows – you might even find yourself looking forward to the night feeds!


What about your handy hacks for nighthawks?  Let’s hear them – do please join the conversation in the comments box below.

And if you’d like more, you’ll find another five fixes to try here.

©Sue Williams

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