Roots and Shoots

Characters Grass Potted Plant Expression Onion

Here’s an enthralling activity for pre-schoolers.  Not only is it a great activity to tackle together, but it provides a springboard for all sorts of learning opportunities as you explore the world of nature together.

This cheap-and-cheerful kitchen gardening project looks at how plants grow.  It takes a humble onion, and brings it to life on your windowsill.

As it’s quick-growing it’s perfect for younger children, who’ll see visible growth day by day. They’ll be spellbound watching how a plant’s root system develops and how it sprouts leaves at the top.

Simple and educational! Here’s what you do …

What you need :

  • an onion
  • a jar or glass with a neck wide enough for the onion to sit comfortably on

What you do :

  • Fill the container with water
  • Stand the onion on the top – root side downwards – making sure its roots touch the water
  • Place the jar on a windowsill
  • Top up with water, never letting the level drop below the roots
  • Watch the onion come to life over the following days

What you’ll see :

The onion will start to grow a beard of fresh, white roots down into the water, while sending up new, green shoots from its crown.

For added fun, why not let your toddler personalise the onion with a funny face?

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