Mr Carrot Top


Here’s a fun growing activity for toddlers and young children which you can tackle with a minimum of equipment.

Pre-schoolers have short attention spans, so the ideal growing project for them delivers fast results. Sprouting foliage from root vegetable tops is perfect – it’s an enthralling way to introduce small children to gardening, as they’ll see visible growth within a day or two.


The simplest method of all, you don’t even need a pot – just a saucer of water.  All you do is :

  • cut off the top off a carrot (leaving about an inch of stump)
  • stand it cut side down on the saucer and
  • wait for the show!

Within a day or so it will start to sprout, developing a crown of ferny foliage over the following week.  Kids will enjoy personalising their new carrot friend by decorating the stump with a funny face, then watching as a full mop of green hair appears!

Why not experiment with other root vegetables?  You can try this technique with parsnips, radishes, beetroot, celery and turnips, too.


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