Growing oranges and lemons from seed


The shops are full of yummy citrus fruits all year round. Don’t discard the pips along with the peel – keep them to sow.  Raising citrus plants from seed is an easy and rewarding windowsill project your children will love.

Lemons, limes, grapefruit and their various cousins in the orange family can all be successfully germinated to produce appealing houseplants with dark-green, glossy leaves which release a zesty, citrus aroma when handled.


Hailing from the Mediterranean, citrus plants adore the sun – so if you have a south-facing window-sill or conservatory, they’ll feel right at home.  Given enough light and warmth, they’ll produce stunning pure-white blooms which will perfume your whole house, followed by miniature fruit – a real talking-point!

Here’s how you do it …

  • Plant two or three pips to a pot
  •  Encourage sprouting by standing the pot in a warm spot until the shoots appear
  • Make sure the soil stays moist

Once the plants are established, you can stand them outdoors on a patio or balcony in the summer for the bees to pollinate their beautiful flowers.



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