40 reasons why you should garden with your kids

gardening projects


  1. The main reason – it’s fun!
  2. It’s an ideal opportunity to spend quality time with your children
  3. They’ll love getting involved with the project you’re working on together
  4. Kids (and secretly, many adults) love getting their hands dirty!
  5. It’s a healthy, outdoorsy activity
  6. Children get a real buzz out of growing – and eating – their own food
  7. Gardening doesn’t have to cost much at all
  8. It’s deeply educational – kids of all ages will learn a host of new skills
  9. You get to marvel at the amazing intricacies of the natural world
  10. Even toddlers and pre-schoolers can become involved in activities tailored to their level
  11. You’ll enjoy observing at first-hand the cycle of the seasons
  12. Don’t discard seeds from vegetables and fruit you’ve eaten – why not try growing them for a fun, absorbing project?
  13. It’s hugely satisfying watching new life germinate and thrive
  14. Gardening encourages dexterity and concentration
  15. Your kids will tire themselves out with all that fresh air (always a plus!)
  16. It’s a productive exercise
  17. Growing things reinforces the school curriculum
  18. It teaches your children many fascinating lessons about nature
  19. Waiting for seeds to germinate provides a lesson in patience
  20. It’ll help them develop self-confidence as they achieve their goals
  21. Why not grow vegetables or flowers to give away as gifts? Your little ones will feel a real pride in their work
  22. They’ll learn responsibility – plants (like children) need careful tending to reach their full potential
  23. Gardening projects will enhance their understanding of cause and effect (if you forget to water your seedling, it’ll die, for instance)
  24. You don’t even need a garden – a window-sill is enough for a host of fascinating growing projects
  25. Start seeds off in reused containers for an object lesson in sustainability
  26. There are lots of science lessons to be learnt for kids of all ages about weather, the environment, animal and insect life and so on
  27. Your kids will learn co-operation and teamwork skills
  28. It’s a great physical activity
  29. Gardening is a great way to teach kids about nutrition and healthy eating
  30. The vitamin-packed food you grow together will be the freshest of fresh!
  31. They’ll learn about the rhythms of life and discover the right times to perform different gardening tasks
  32. You can teach them how to prepare meals from the food you’ve grown together
  33. It’s an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons about recycling and composting
  34. They’ll find out about the ongoing care needed to cultivate plants, such as watering and fertilising, weeding, deadheading flowers, staking tall stems and pruning
  35. You can use harvested plants, seeds and flowers in collages and other craft activities
  36. It’s a creative and interactive experience
  37. Younger kids will gain an appreciation for time, and for how long processes take
  38. You can teach your children to plan ahead, and harvest the seed for sowing next year
  39. Gardening is the perfect opportunity for learning to love and respect the outdoor environment
  40. And finally … you’ll love it too!

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