Preschoolers have short attention-spans, so this fun project is ideal – delivering not only fast results but a yummy, vitamin-packed crop.

 You’ll need :

  • Empty shells from boiled eggs
  • Cotton-wool
  • Packet of cress seeds

Method :

Rinse the half-eggshells and fill lightly with a layer of cotton-wool.  Place in an eggcup, and encourage the child to draw a funny face on the shell.  Moisten the cotton-wool and sprinkle cress seeds lightly on top.   Sit the eggcup on a window-sill, making sure the cotton-wool never dries out.  Soon you’ll see the seeds swell and sprout, producing a comical shock of green hair for your child’s egghead character.  When it’s long enough, give Mr Egghead a haircut and your child will be able to proudly enjoy their fresh cress in a sandwich.

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